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mission STATEMENT:

To promote freedom, hope, and education through assisted rehabilitation and social impact experiences.
Open for camping April 15th, 2024!
To make a reservation please email:
water/electric available at all sites

our vision:

Morgan’s Place, located in Millington, Michigan, will be known as the most comprehensive and caring destination for injured individuals discharged from inpatient care and their families in the country.

We will accomplish this vision by providing wrap-around services and healing resources, combined with activities such as yoga, educational experiences, kayaking, fishing and hiking in a peaceful setting.

Beginning in June of 2023 Morgan’s Place  encourages community participation by providing campsites that are open to the public! All funds collected for camping will go directly to the programs offered to injured individuals and family members. To reserve your site contact: Staff will also provide social impact experiences such as blacksmithing, kayaking, fishing and fitness classes.

Morgan’s Place will be recognized as a truly educational and healing space—physically, mentally and emotionally. As founder Morgan Monroe said, "After a traumatic accident, such as the one I experienced, our bodies, hearts and minds need to be healed before we can move on with our lives and decide what's next. Morgan's Place will be the steppingstone that people need to help them move on from life-changing accidents and injuries."

Examples of Social Impact Experiences:

Morgan’s Place staff intends to partner with local and national corporate and educational organizations to provide leadership retreats, animal caretaking workshops, recycling workshops, yoga/meditation, art and culture presentations, blacksmithing presentations, local history workshops, excursions to local venues/parks/museums, swimming and water safety workshops, career training, exploration workshops, botany workshops, and environmental impact workshops.


Any group, organization, community member, family, or individual will be welcome to take part in the social impact experiences provided by Morgan’s Place staff and volunteers.

Mountain Biking
Group Kayaking Trip
Image by Emma Simpson

our goal

As of July 2021, Morgan’s Place has launched a capital campaign with the goal of raising $1.8 million to allow Morgan’s Place to invest in state-of-the-art modalities and equipment, personnel, and facilities to achieve miraculous physical, mental, and emotional recovery for clients and their families.


morgan's story

After getting her start in flat track at the age of eight, Morgan Monroe was hooked. Her entire family was very involved in the racing scene, and it was something they all enjoyed doing together.

When she turned pro at 17, Morgan’s entire family, including her dad, a former amateur racer, was there to cheer her on to the 14th spot—an incredible finish for a rookie.

Later that year, at Oglethorpe Speedway in Savannah, Georgia, Morgan was racing in two pro classes. In one of the heat races, she collided into another racer and high-sided straight onto her right side, right shoulder, and her head. In that split second, not only was her racing career done, but she was about to begin the fight for her life.

Foggy Campsite

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